The development phase is where it all starts. At Caribbean Filmcom we understand how vital this process is to a successful project. Having the right facts and data is important to us. We do this by seeking out experts, desk research, online research, focus groups and many more methods. When the information is obtained we can set up the basis for a concept, together with you. Based on the proposal, a script will be developed. Watch your creative vision come to life.

In addition to research and development for clients, Caribbean Filmcom also develops its own film projects.

These are just a few of the projects that are currently in the development phase:


Grupo Serenada

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Grupo Serenada started in 1975 with the help of Irma Romer, the mother of the musical maestro, Harry Moen. Grupo Serenada is a fusion between a church choir and a rock band.
As teenagers, Harry Moen was in a rock band while Kevin Carty was from the church choir. They decided to experiment together back in 1974. At the time, they called themselves, Twilight Zone & Company during a presentation at the musical,”Gospell”. The group liked the combination so much that they decided to preform together more often. A year after the first concert, Grupo Serenada was born.
Back then the group consisted of twenty teenagers; nowadays, after thirty years, a few of those teenagers are still part of Grupo Serenada. In 2015, Grupo Serenada turns 40. Generations in Curaçao grew up to their music and this 40th anniversary gives us the opportunity to get to know this musical group from Curaçao a little bit better, by portraying the close and intense friendships that the group has developed during these years.

Tony Monsanto

This project captures the socially critical importance, contemporary Curaçao artist Tony Monsanto has on the island. Monsanto was one of the few artists on Curaçao who expressed his social-critical opinion in his work. His political view was often part of the imagery expressed in his work.
The colors Monsanto used in his work, brought life to the images of Caribbean Mythology. Monsanto’s work was not very familiar to a broad audience but mostly, only, in the Caribbean region. The aim of this project is to give more publicity to the work and the person Tony Monsanto, being one of the greatest artists in the Caribbean region.
Monsanto was an important artist; his work is part of the rich, Curaçao art history. With this documentary we would like to bring the work Monsanto created for over four decades to the attention of a bigger audience. To those in the Dutch Kingdom, and particularly in Curaçao, who are still unfamiliar with the works of Tony Monsanto, we would like to offer an insight into his life work and the story behind the artist.


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Curaçao @ Work is a television series in which we focus on two different professions in each episode. The television series will be presented by two teenage hosts and is intended for the youth (between the age of 12 and 18 years) and their parents / caretakers. The program is created for the local market and focuses (primarily) on the youth of Curaçao.